Smells Like Spring. Also, Rejection.

So Yale rejected me flat-out last night.  I applied for grad school there, on a whim.  And let me tell you was I ever unperturbed.  Wasn’t expecting to get in, didn’t.  Fine by me!

In Other News (LOOK OVER HERE! LOOK OVER HERE! [[does a tap dance, jazz hands a-flailin’]]):
I am going to be directing some BU undergrads in Top Girls by Caryl Churchill fourth quarter.  Exciting!  Also intensely terrifying.  I’m still in the dark about the details, but I have a meeting with Tim about schedules etc. next week so I’ll be sure to tell the Internet in case anyone from the Internet wants to attend.

Also, it feels springy outside.  I’m sure this is just another tease.  Boston is the biggest cock spring tease.


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