Quoth the Raven

I went to the post office to mail one of my plays to this competition in England and while I was there I picked up some stamps because I never have them when I need them.  I chose the Edgar Allan Poe commemorative stamps.  He was my favorite author when I was in like third grade.  That explains a lot, no?  He only lived to be 40 years old.  Too bad.  Also, they put a quote by him on the side of the page of stamps that says “Leave my loneliness unbroken!”  It’s from The Raven.  That’s the quote they picked?  I know the guy was macabre, but couldn’t they pick something slightly less depressing?  I’m trying to think of a way to make a joke involving The 40-Year Old Virgin about how Poe was probably a virgin and he died when he was 40 but that sad quote just took all the wit out of me.  I can’t make puns now.  I’m too sad.

Just looked at stamps again.  Sadness gone.  They make me smile because they are so silly.  He has a nice little mustache.



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2 responses to “Quoth the Raven

  1. Anna

    poe wasn’t a virgin– he was a STUD! by which i mean he really really loved his wife, and then when she died, he got really really fucking depressed and kept trying to marry other people but it kept not working out. it was really sad. i learned this when i visited his house in the bronx an the docent talked to me forever. i kept going like “awwww, man” and i think she thought i was being disrespectful.

  2. receptionist

    Oh man. I was so off on that one. Actually Billy told me, also, that he totally married his cousin. Which was ok in those days. But still. Gross, Poe.

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