Another Blog Post About The 25 Things Facebook Meme

Can I get a shout out from my fellow facebook veterans for a second?  I’ve been on facebook for almost 6 years now (holy ess) and to those of you who have been on as long as me I would like to pose a question: Do you guys notice that since everyone and their mom (yes, including my own mom) has joined facebook, every time some lame chain letter thing goes around facebook apparently it’s news.  Like here: mattbites, and here: laidoffdad, and even here: nytimes.

Also those links look so ugly but I am a little bit of a ‘tard about blogging and computers in general so I can’t figure out how to make them pretty.

Help me boyfriend?

Edit:  Billy didn’t help me but my brother Will did.  Because every dude I know is way better at computers than I am.  Whatever, it’s pretty now!



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2 responses to “Another Blog Post About The 25 Things Facebook Meme

  1. mattbites1

    And yet I’m still glad I didn’t do it.

  2. receptionist

    I’m glad for you too. I resisted as well. I figure, I already have a personal blog, how narcissistic must I be?

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