Tampon Containers Justify Any Commute

This morning I accidentally slept through four snoozes on my alarm.  As a result I left my apartment at 7:25am instead of my usual 7:15am.  Usually, when I leave at 7:15am I get to work at around 8:15am or 8:25am (sometimes as early as 8:10am), right on time to start working at 8:30am.  This morning, I left a mere ten minutes after my usual time and instead of arriving at 8:25am or 8:35am, I arrived at 8:53am.  I waited for the bus for twenty minutes.  We got stuck in traffic behind a school bus.  The orange line was insanely crowded.  I waited for the green line for way too long, watching two D trains and two E trains go by before a B train showed itself.  Then the B train got above ground and went express to Packard’s Corner and I had to get off to get on the next local train.  When the driver of the green line train announced that they were going express a woman near me said, loudly, “YESSSSSSSSS.”  I consider myself a non-violent person.  I almost punched that woman in the head.

That being said, I do not want to move.  This is a testament to how AWESOME my apartment is.  Not to mention that I have a strong sentimental connection to it because it’s my and Billy’s first apartment together, just the two of us.  But it’s also really just a great, great apartment.  Billy and I went to Ikea this weekend to get some final things to complete the decoration/organization of the apartment and once we had it all set up the feeling of calm that flowed through me is worth an hour and a half commute every day.  I don’t even care.  It’s that good.  We have a place in the kitchen where we hang all our pans!  We have a long magnet thingy for our sharp, fancy knives!  We have a stylish magazine rack!  We have a carpet in the living room!  We have shelves above the toilet with little containers on them that hold my tampons!  IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS.

Sadly, our friends still don’t want to visit us because for all intents and purposes we live in Antarctica.


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  1. Michael

    I promise you that I will come visit (if invited) after the Great Thaw that will come someday. And you should come visit me in the Arctic.

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