Ten Years Too Late


I know I’m late on the uptake and about ten years older than their target market but I don’t even care.  My little sister (14 years old, don’t judge me, judger) let me borrow Twilight after Christmas this year and I read it in three days.  Then I bought the second book in the series, New Moon at the airport in Boston, before boarding a plane to Antigua (more on that later).  I finished New Moon in Antigua and fell into a deep pit of boredom.  So I started reading Twilight again.  Even though I had brought three other books with me.  None of them compared.  Not even The Audacity of Hope.  Because that book is for grownups.  And grownup books are boring.  So once I was back in America I spent my lunch break on my first day back at work driving to Barnes and Noble to buy the next two books in the series.  I am now deep in the thick of the third one, Eclipse.

It’s all just so exciting!  I can’t help myself.  It’s like Harry Potter but with boyfriends.  Harry Potter plus boyfriends?  Sign me up.

This new obsession of mine actually makes perfect sense.  Lately I’ve been reverting to my teenage self more and more.  I think it has to do with really being out of college.  Having a real life.  College is a mindfuck.  They take you away from your family and throw you with a bunch of crazies in a big building with no parents and you’re expected to go to school?  And you do, somehow you go to school.  And then it’s over really quickly and it’s suddenly different.  Why did you think it would be the same?  It’s not the same.  So for me, I just sort of went back to my life before college.  Sometimes it’s like it never happened.

Harold Pinter?  Who?  Harry Potter.  Oh.  Right.

Also, RIP Harold.  I like your plays.

Does anyone want to go to Ikea with me on Monday?  It’s MLK day.


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