This is an Update: It’s Still Raining

Jessica in Music Ed told me she is disappointed in my lack of posts lately.  Jessica, this is for you:

We are in a transitional period here at work because most of the students are done with classes, finals haven’t started yet, there are a lot of Christmas parties happening, and basically nobody’s getting a lick of work done.  Which I’m fine with.  If I ever start to feel guilty about it I think about my salary.  STOP IT EMILY, AT LEAST YOU HAVE A JOB.  I drove in today and listened to NPR and let me tell you, the economy is bad.  Am I right?  Fortunately for me, my office will always need a receptionist.  Also fortunately for me this whole “financial crisis” situation doesn’t really effect me as I have no assets.

In other news, along with this semester transition comes the end of the graduate playwriting class I was taking.  It went… ok.  I’ve been telling a lot of people my feelings on this lately, so I might as well tell the Internet, too.  Here’s the thing about playwriting classes:

Say you go see a play.  You really love it.  But I defy you to tell me that you loved every moment, every word, every joke and every profound statement.  That’s just not possible.  But, say you saw this play in a classroom with a bunch of other playwrights, all of whom you respect and who have a lot of experience blah blah blah.  Instead of letting sleeping dogs lie, letting the play have moments that are short of brilliant, you bring every moment to the attention of the playwright.  Because you’re helping.  This is all well and good until you have somebody like me who, for the most part is able to take criticism in stride, but sometimes falls prey to the critics and tries to change every little thing that every person suggests I change.  That sentence was terrible.  Changed the tense right in the middle of it.  And it’s a run-on.  ANYWAY.  This is a means to say that my play is being tossed around and I just need to work on it more and make my own play and let it be what it is.  I want it to be really good but I also want it to be my play with my own voice.  That being said, playwriting classes are great because they make me write more.  And help me meet people who can help me be a playwright.

In other news, our office Christmas party was yesterday and there was a bit of an awkward dance party led by all my former college professors which forced me to leave for a moment until it died down.  And then there were some giggle fits.  There’s something very odd about drinking in the middle of the day and then being expected to go back to work and get anything done at all.

Also, it’s been raining for three days and I get really cranky when it rains.


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