Happy Hangover

I was about to say that everybody has already said a lot about this and I don’t really feel very qualified to say some great thing about what happened on election day, but then I thought no.  The greatest thing about this is that I am qualified to say something.  Because I voted and I was a part of it.  I went to the polls on Tuesday at 6:55am and voted at 7:28am and then I went to work and hoped and hoped and hoped.  I got a free coffee which added to my agita.  And then I went to a bar with Billy and drank too much in anticipation and then the world changed.  And John McCain was a much more gracious loser than we all know I would have been.  And then Billy and I drove home to Roslindale and on NPR our new President gave a speech that made me cry so hard I gave myself a headache.  And Billy kept looking over at me whenever I sobbed particularly loudly and said “I love you so much right now.”  And then we went home and went to sleep.  And the world is different.

And I had a happy hangover the next day and kept looking at pictures and reading the transcript of his speech and crying again at my desk.  But life goes on.  I feel fat and I watched three episodes of 3rd Rock from the Sun last night and we have a president that I actually believe in.  My grandchildren will learn about this in history class.  I think about our president and I feel happy and hopeful.  How cool.



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2 responses to “Happy Hangover

  1. Will

    did you see the newest episode of south park? it’s awesome.

  2. Will

    i guess i’ll elaborate cause i don’t think you watch it.

    it goes like this:

    every democrat is in the hospital because they have alcohol poisoning from partying so hard, and every republican is in the hospital because they tried to kill themselves. doctors are all almost dead too.

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