Ashamed of My Dependence On Such A Popular Electronic Device

My iPod is a bit of a crutch.  The Apple people have got me by the balls, basically.  iTunes is terrible, yet it is the music player I must have on my computer to make my music playable on the dreaded iPod.  And yet.  The iPod is wonderful.  I am lost without it.  I know there are alternatives but I don’t want to hear about them.  I am happy to complain about my iPod like a husband I don’t like anymore but am too tired to divorce.

I really start to appreciate my iPod when Billy breaks it.

Let me recap.  A few weeks ago, maybe a month ago, my computer was telling me that it didn’t have enough memory left.  Like, every few seconds a box would pop up telling me this.  So I tried to fix it.  I deleted a bunch of applications I don’t use anymore and games I never used that came with the computer.  This seemed to solve the problem.  But Billy, knowing what he knows about computers, begged to differ.  He told me he would fix my computer (though there didn’t really appear to be much of a problem anymore).  Here’s how he fixed my computer: he deleted everything except my documents that I had saved.  Meaning he deleted Microsoft Word.  Do you know how a person writes plays without Microsoft Word?  That’s a trick question.  Nobody writes plays without Microsoft Word, it is impossible.  He also effed up my iTunes.  Which in turn deleted everything from my iPod.  The iPod was not usable.  Anyway, long story short, three weeks or maybe four weeks later I have Word and iTunes again.  During those long, long weeks I was without an iPod.  These were weeks that I started going to the gym.  I was commuting for about 3 hours a day.  And I didn’t have an iPod.

I am lost without the iPod.  As I said, they have got me by the balls.

Anyway, I have my iPod up and working again and I will never go back.

And I wanted to tell you about Badly Drawn Boy.  Have you heard of this band/person?  I know I am behind the times but can I just tell you?  I love Badly Drawn Boy.  Another band that I love is a new band called Blitzen Trapper.  Do whatever you have to do to listen to a song called Furr by Blitzen Trapper.  You will thank me.



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3 responses to “Ashamed of My Dependence On Such A Popular Electronic Device

  1. Michael

    I’m happily using an alternative to the iPod that looks like something the Soviets would have fielded as a response to capitalist technology if the Cold War had gone on another decade.

    Also, I’m surprised at Billy. Sorry, Billy.

  2. MOMMY

    I don’t know. What ever happened to normal band names like The Rolling Stones, or the Who, Blood, Sweat and Tears, The Temptations? or Zonkeraz?

  3. Billy

    Things Emily doesn’t mention:

    1) She threw out her MS Office installation discs
    2) I installed Final Draft (professional script writing software) on her computer
    3) I also offered to get her Open Office (free Word)
    4) Everything works way better now and she lost nothing except for 2 weeks of time where she couldn’t use her iPod

    ALSO, I am never helping her again with her computer (that’s probably a lie).

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