Flick It Out The Window, For God’s Sake

On Saturday, Billy and I were driving through Dedham, on our way home after going out to get some lawn furniture and a beer ball (class.) when my eyes wandered out the passenger side window.  In the car next to us, a very large black SUV, was a woman with dyed blond hair.  She was wearing very expensive sunglasses.  She was also picking her nose.  When I saw her pick her nose I touched Billy’s hand to get his attention without letting her know that we knew what she was doing.  She picked her nose, I touched Billy’s hand, and then both of us watched as she ATE IT.


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One response to “Flick It Out The Window, For God’s Sake

  1. Michael

    My heart sank reading this. I wish there were some other, uplifting ending, like she pulled a small dolphin out of her nose and it blessed her with a kiss, and the SUV turned magically into a large, mobile pot of really good hot and sour soup that drove off into a beautiful sunset replete with pretty music provided by a group of multi-ethnic children playing traditional folk instruments of the Baltic region.

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