Labor Day

I just ate a poppy seed muffin.  I hope somebody doesn’t try to give me a surprise drug test because I will fail.  Like that episode of Seinfeld.  Mmmmm poppies.

I am at work today.  Yes.  On Labor Day.  Even though the purpose of Labor Day is for nobody to labor.  WHATEVER.

It’s really slow.  And there are free muffins.  Every time there are free muffins I am not hungry.  I eat the muffins anyway, but it brings me no joy.

This weekend was really productive.  Billy and I finally unpacked the last of our boxes and hung up pictures on the walls.  We even set up the office, which I thought would never happen.  We had drinks with my dad and Marilyn before they went to a Red Sox game on Friday, had dinner with my cousin Brian and his (super pregnant but so hospitable) wife Andrea on Saturday, went to a barbecue in the afternoon on Sunday, then met up with my mom and brother and Steph for dinner, then went to bed cranky because I had to go to work on Monday.  So many social engagements.  Entirely too much drinking for what amounted to a pretty lazy weekend, compared with most of our weekends this summer.  It was nice, though.

Today is September 1st, which means it is HELL ON EARTH in Boston.  Most of the leases for apartments in Boston start on September 1st.  So that means that a lot of people move on September 1st.  So there is traffic.  And everything is a mess.  And it’s loud and gridlocked and horrible.  It’s worse in areas near colleges, so my neighborhood isn’t so bad.  And yes, I am working on Labor Day, but at least I’m not moving.  Thank God.

Tomorrow classes start.  So it will basically be the worst day of my life.  BUT it is also the first day of a playwriting class I’m taking.  So maybe I’ll feel a little artistic from 1pm to 3pm.  A little island of artistic fulfillment in a sea of misery.


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