Herb Garden

Billy: what 4 herbs?
Billy: here are your choices
Billy: Basil Oregano Mint Parsley Rosemary Sage Thyme Angelica Chamomile Dill Fennel Lavender Geranium Chives
Billy: i think 1) chives
Billy: 2) oregano
Emily: dill dill dill dill
Billy: 3) basil
Emily: basil duh
Billy: dill looks so nasty though
Billy: it gets HUGE
Billy: rosemary?
Billy: i love that shit
Billy: and it’s pretty
Billy: thyme and sage are pretty too
Billy: we could maybe pair some of them together actually…
Billy: maybe we can do dill in it’s own thing
Billy: okay
Billy: start over
Billy: 1) basil
Billy: 2) dill
Billy: 3) sage and thyme
Billy: 4) rosemary and oregano
Billy: ?
Billy: SHIT
Billy: i forgot chives
Billy: cock ass
Billy: maybe i should get more pots…
Billy: lol
Emily: wow
Emily: billy
Emily: you are funny
Billy: i also sorta want mint
Billy: mmmmmm
Billy: mint
Billy: can i get 8 pots?
Billy: please…
Billy: please emily
Billy: please
Billy: this is important to me at this exact moment
Emily: ok
Emily: billy
Emily: yes you can have 8 pots
Billy: and probably not that important in like 20 minutes
Emily: for herbs
Billy: we need to act fast
Emily: you big lady
Billy: lol
Billy: please please please
Emily: oh my god i already said yes and anyway why do you need my approval?
Billy: cause i love you!
Billy: it’s OUR apt
Billy: not just mine
Billy: i need to be sure
Billy: that you are on board
Billy: or something like that
Emily: haha
Emily: i’m on board
Emily: but you’ll need to get some gardening clogs and a large woven hat and a freaking apron
Emily: and then you’ll be ready for your boobies
Billy: hahahahaha
Billy: awesome


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