It’s All Marketing Anyway, Stupid Steel Water Bottles

Billy and I went on a camping trip last weekend with my brother Will, his girlfriend Steph, my dad, my stepmother, and my sister Erin.  It was nice.  We went to this campground that my dad used to go to during the summer when he was a kid.  He said the bathrooms are exactly the same, but the screens look new.  I believe it.

Anyway, we had fun.  Bonded.  We cooked every meal outside.  I think I got 872 mosquito bites.  I’ve had about enough of the bug bites, thank you very much.  We played frisbee in the pond.  We played card games.  It was a nice last event of the summer.

I don’t think I’ve ever dreaded the fall as much as I do this year.  But I love fall!  I love apples and crisp air and jackets.  And leaves!  And Halloween!  And THANKSGIVING OH MY GOD!  I just hate college students coming back and ruining my job and my city.  Although, thankfully, this is the first year that we don’t live in Collegeville, USA.  We live far enough away from all the colleges that rent is affordable and nobody should be puking on our front steps anytime soon.  Or if they do it’s because of alcoholism or a legitimate drug problem, not just because they’re some jackass fratboy.  And frankly I prefer alcoholism/legitimate drug problems to college students.  I think living in Allston/Brighton has destroyed my patience.

Also our new apartment is amazing.  But we need rugs and a microwave and curtains and some other stuff.  Last night we finally did the last trip from Brighton to Roslindale to bring all the non-essential stuff over, like Billy’s old computer and the Christmas decorations.  All the things that we’re shocked we’ve held onto for this long.  Books that we don’t like but continue to move from apartment to apartment, for example.  Very heavy, very useless things.  But that means that officially we have moved.  The new apartment is so big that we have to shout to each other to be heard, and even that doesn’t always work.  It’s annoying and also awesome.

Last night I we cooked a leftover extravaganza and watched some bad TV.  While Billy was doing dishes I also caught Ted Kennedy’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, which made me weepy because he has brain cancer.  Evan had brain cancer and he died when he was 19, I think?  Evan was my best friend when we were babies.  There’s a home movie of us when we’re about three.  Evan came over for Will’s first birthday party and I saw him and sprinted (as fast as a three year old can sprint) towards him and hugged him so hard that I knocked him over.  We were basically in love.  Then his family moved to England, then they moved to California, then he got brain cancer, then it went away, then it came back, then my mom and I went to visit him, then he died.  It was a sad thing to happen.  At least Ted Kennedy has had a great, long life.

I’m drinking water out of a Nalgene that is supposedly going to give me cancer, though I think that’s just a load of hooey.  But one thing I will say about it is that the last thing this Nalgene held was a whole lot of gin and tonic and it is making the water taste a little like gin, so even if the Nalgene doesn’t give me cancer, maybe it will get me a teensy, eensy bit drunk?


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  1. Ashley

    haha, that nalgene of gin and tonic was tasty.

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