Skeeter, not Doug’s friend

Something that I forgot to mention in the vacation post was that everybody staying in the house we rented last week got many, MANY torturous bug bites.  We spent a lot of time on the front porch at dusk drinking PBR so we weren’t that concerned with the bugs at the critical moments.  We were just concerned with the bugs when we were scratching ourselves to death in the middle of the night, unable to sleep.  Well, I had like eighty bug bites on my feet and ankles and legs that were just now beginning to heal.  Moments ago I went into a fury of feverish scratching on my left foot, which at the time I thought was one last hurrah for the bug bites of last week.  No.  I was wrong.  These are NEW BUG BITES.  Like bug bites sustained while IN MY HOME.

I HAVE A BUG BITE ON THE BOTTOM OF MY FOOT.  I have two new bug bites on the top of my left foot and ONE ON THE BOTTOM OF IT.


Yes.  I have three new bug bites, sustained this afternoon, after work, probably while blogging about Oscar’s pee.  Two of them are on the top of my left foot and one of them is on the bottom of my left foot.

This should be illegal.


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