Sipping on Zin and Juice

Two great things about coming home:

1. Oscar peed in the toilet!  Well, he peed in the kitty litter that is in his specially-designed litter box that fits in the toilet as a method of kitty toilet training.  But he did it!  This is a first.  I am very proud of him.  In a matter of weeks we will be able to say goodbye to kitty litter entirely!  Saves money and it’s good for the environment!

2. A drink I am becoming very fond of.  Zin and Juice is it’s name.  Here’s how you make it.  Get yourself a box of the finest white zinfandel money can buy.  My favorite is Franzia Sunset Blush.  Get yourself a big ol’ wine glass and fill it like two thirds of the way up.  Then pour in whatever juice from concentrate you have already made in the pitcher in the fridge (in my case today it was grapefruit, but a couple days ago limeade worked quite well).  And there you have it.  And here I am.  Sipping on Zin and Juice.  Laid back.  With my mind on my kitty and my kitty on my mind.


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