Happy Birthday

The Olympic opening ceremony is really something, huh? It’s very beautiful and makes me weepy.

I’m also weepy because Billy and I were supposed to drive down to have dinner with my mom to celebrate her birthday tonight but because of Noah-grade rain storms, a late start, and Billy forgetting something REALLY KEY after we’d already traveled like 30 miles we couldn’t go. We had to turn around and go home. And I feel really bad about it.

I have this problem where if I am ever responsible for disappointing someone I love I take it harder than they do. And I end up getting comforted instead of me comforting the person I hurt. Hence me crying so hard after disappointing my mom that I had to blow my nose in a newspaper and I looked, to quote Billy, “war-torn.”

I hate disappointing my parents and siblings. It’s the worst thing, to me. Because they are so good to me, and so kind, and so understanding. It makes me weepy. But it’s really about my mommy and the fact that I disappointed her (cough, Billy’s fault, cough). But I love her, even though we yell at each other a lot.

So, happy birthday, Mommy. I love you.


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One response to “Happy Birthday

  1. Mommy

    I love you too, Sweetie. It’s OK. I’m OK. We’re OK.

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