Office Curse?

My boss has a flesh-eating disease.

The financial aid officer seems on the verge of getting into a fist fight with the printer.  There is a paper jam.

The fax machine is also jamming.

The large copier is also jamming.  Always jamming.

I almost got scammed by a lady on the phone who asked me to tell her our copier’s model number.  My boss caught me just in time.  Apparently it’s a well-known scam where they trick you into buying like $600 worth of shit.

Did I mention that my boss has a FLESH-EATING DISEASE?  I feel really bad.  She is a good lady.  Somebody else should get a flesh-eating disease, like the guy who tried to tell me I lost his package this morning, when in fact it was sitting in the music office, like I said.  This is the conversation we had this morning:

Me: Hello.
Him: Hello, UPS says there was a package delivered here and you signed for it and I never received it.
Me: Oh.  When did it come?
Him: Monday.  I have the tracking number.  They said you signed for it.  It has your name.
Me: Well, everything I get for you goes right to the music office.
Him: I went to the website and it said you signed for it.
Me: It is probably in the music office.
Him: I have the tracking number.
Me:  Music… office…
Him: I’ll email you the tracking number.

And he walks away.

And I call the music office and they have it.

Also, my boss has a FLESH-EATING DISEASE.

Vacation tomorrow!


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