I don’t even want to talk about this. It’s too annoying.

I have all these books from the French Gastronomy class I took at the beginning of the summer that I thought I’d bring to the bookstore to sell back. They’re supposed to take them. That’s what’s supposed to happen.

During my lunch break I ate my peanut butter and banana sandwich and dry tortilla chips quickly, then gathered the books (7 total, 2 hardcover) and stuffed them into my backpack. I rode my bike to the treacherous Kenmore Square. Everything is under construction. It is really scary and loud and there are holes everywhere. BUT they are putting in a bike lane on Comm Ave, so that’s cool of them. Anyway, I get there and lock up my bike precariously among the broken concrete and two other bikes taking up the whole cage around that tree right in front of the bookstore. I go in, I try to sell my books, I leave with 6 books and $2.50. COME ON! They would only buy one book. For $2.50. I guess none of the fall classes need any of these books. So they won’t buy them. I had to ride back to work with the rest of the books in my backpack a mere two fifty richer. Now everyone in my office is trying to tell me how I can sell these books on Amazon but I really don’t want to do it because it requires me to go to a post office. I’m in a fight with the post office right now. I tried to mail in a parking ticket that I got in Harvard Square (the worst place to park EVER. I drove around for like 30 minutes trying to find a space, one opens up, and I realize I only have one quarter. Which buys 15 minutes of parking time. Not enough time to do research for a 12 page paper at the Harvard library, which was why I was there. Fuckwad Harvard snotty bastards.) My stamp was one cent short on the envelope. When did the price of stamps go up again? I swear to God the price of stamps goes up like every other fucking week. So they sent the fucking thing back to me and since that took so long it was past the 21 day deadline and my ticket went from $25 to fucking $35.


The world is just full of tiny injustices. And bigger ones, too. But they’re too hard to think about. At least it looks like Obama might get elected. Thank God for that one. Maybe he can do something about the damn post office.


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  1. I love that talking about a French Gastronomy class was followed by “I ate my peanut butter and banana sandwich and dry tortilla chips” – priceless.

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