Did you know the number one complaint of office workers is temperature-related?  Too hot or too cold.

This totally makes sense and is also SO depressing.  Office workers are so boring.  This is my life.

My office is constantly either too hot or too cold.  Right now it’s too cold.  But earlier this morning it was too hot.  It’s like 85 degrees outside today and I rode my bike to work.  When I got here I was all sweaty.  I wiped myself off and changed my shirt and headed to my office.  I couldn’t cool off.  My hair was making me hot so I put it unattractively in a little ponytail.  And now, an hour later, I am wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a big pashmina-y wrap thing.  It’s freezing.  I have goose bumps.

At times like this I think about homeless people.  And elderly people on social security who have to get part time jobs to pay their bills.  And unwed mothers on welfare.  And people who use food stamps and live in housing projects.  And I think about how I am complaining about the temperature.  And I thank goodness and heck that even though my salary is ABSURDLY low, I still have enough to eat and a nice place to live.


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