Sore Legs

Monday. Blegch.

Weekend review:

Billy and I spent this weekend doing apartment things and socializing. On Saturday we woke up pretty early and I made egg in the hole for breakfast (see recipe below). Then we went to get Billy a much-needed haircut. The girl who did his hair is the same girl who did my last cut and she is so nice. She has brown hair now. Good for her! After that we went to Ikea and bought a ton of bookcases for the living room, a TV stand, some CD/DVD shelf things, some dishtowels, garbage can, hangers, etc. Then we went to the new apartment and starting cleaning like lunatics. We washed the lighting fixtures, scrubbed the baseboards, swept the floors, mopped, and washed all the windows. On Saturday we just did the bedroom, entryway, and living room. Then we moved the Ikea stuff up to the apartment and went out for a really nice early dinner at Geoffrey’s in Roslindale. I’ll be yelping about it shortly. Anyway, we were freaking exhausted after all this activity so we headed home, I took a nap and Billy played some silly video games for a few hours, then we showered and went to a party. The party was fun, I got too drunk and yelled at Billy for something really stupid and made a small scene, petted a hedgehog, played Beiruit with Billy and almost won, drank Natty Ice for the first time and wanted to vom, smoked two cigarettes even though I totally, definitively quit a month and a half ago, and ate way too much disgusting Chinese food from the nasty place by our apartment in Brighton. What a day it was. We fell asleep on the couch and I had to force Billy into bed when I woke up at like 3am. And I slept in my makeup and now I have two zits.

(A student just came in asking for my boss and I think he was wearing women’s glasses. Not to be funny. I think it was just a mistake. Sad.)

On Sunday we slept until like noon and then immediately went to the new apartment to finish where we left off. Billy put together all the crap we bought at Ikea and I cleaned the rest of the apartment. It took us about four and a half hours. My legs are really sore from mopping and scrubbing. But the place looks awesome. I’m so pumped. Then we went to Le’s in Allston for noodles, then went home, watched TV, Billy did some work stuff while I organized (read: throw away) the papers on top of my desk. I am excited to spend the rest of the week organizing. I love organizing.

I am also really pumped about the giant recycling bins we’ll have at our new apartment. Recycling will be so easy!

Egg in the Hole:
serves 2

4 eggs
4 pieces of bread

Use a glass to punch a hole in each piece of bread. Heat up a frying pan. Put some butter in the pan and smoosh it around. When the pan is medium hot put a piece of bread with a hole in it in the pan, and put the cut out hole in the pan next to it. Crack an egg into the hole. Let it fry up, then flip it. Also flip the hole. Repeat three more times. Each person gets two egg in the holes. When you eat it, use the hole piece of bread to sop up the extra yolk. Also, in Moonstruck Olympia Dukakis puts roasted red peppers on top of the egg and that is also yummy.


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