Interview Shminterview

Yesterday I left work at 3 to go to an interview/screening type thing at this executive staffing firm in Boston.  It was really fancy.  There were two giant chandeliers in the main room.  I took a test to see how good my Windows 97 skills are.  They are good.  My skills.  I have good Windows 97 skills.  Thank goodness.  I was worried.


I think that NOT isn’t used enough.  I find it hilarious.  And retro.

Anyway, the interview just made me want to stay where I work.  It’s really hard to make new friends, and I don’t want to have to start over at a new place.  And I don’t really want to do corporate.  Or finance.  But I could make so much more money.  Maybe I’d be kind of miserable, but I’m kind of miserable now, so no biggie, right?  I guess I’ll just coast along here until somebody contacts me and we’ll see if they want to meet me and we’ll see if I’m offered some huge amount of money.  If that happens I’ll just have to deal with it then.

I’m having a lot of muscle pains lately.  I guess it started yesterday.  My left shoulder/upper back area/neck is really sore.  It feels like it wants to be popped or squeezed or something.

Muscle relaxers would probably do the trick.  In more ways than one.


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