Another Day

Last night I got home at 5:40 or so, sat down with a Miller High Life and watched some TV.  I was waiting for Billy to come home so we could go out for Colombian food with Vicky.  I had two beers and since I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch I got a little accidentally drunk.  There’s nothing quite so depressing as getting accidentally drunk on two beers at 6pm after a very slow day at work.  Anyway, Billy came to pick me up and we went to Allston for a very Allstony night of food and beer and people.  Thank goodness for that, because at this point I don’t have a lot going for me during the day, so if I can see people and do fun things at night that at least gives me something to look forward to.  Alyssa even showed up at Silhouette so we got to hang out!  I think that was the first time we’ve hung out not during work hours.  This is a big step in our relationship.  It looks like I really may have some friends, y’all!

Also, that’s not fair.  I have a lot of friends.  But I don’t have friends that I see very often.  I don’t have friends that fit very easily into my life right now.  So it’s hard.  But I have them.  They are there.

They’re drilling or jackhammering or something in my building.  It’s giving me a knot in my back something awful.

I have an interview today for a new job.  Well, not even really a new job, but an interview with a staffing company.  So they can maybe send me out on real job interviews.  Hopefully my tasteful black skirt and worky work vest over white button down should convince them that I deserve to make like 50 grand a year.

I can’t wait to move.  Billy and I are moving to Roslindale in August.  Away from roommates and colleges and douchebags and dishwashers.  Into a nice two bedroom apartment.  Just the two of us.  We can make it if we try.  This weekend we’re going to clean the shit out of that empty apartment.  Billy has his heart set on cleaning it top to bottom.  He’s mentioned, twice now, that he wants to clean the cord that the lighting fixture in the bedroom is hanging from.  I think we’ll need a step stool for that one.  We’ve also been spending a lot of time discussing how we’ll decorate the place.  It’s really nice that he’s taking an interest in this.  But why would I expect otherwise?  He’s as excited about it as I am.  He’s a very nice boy, you know.


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