I just had lunch with Alyssa and Meredith.  It wasn’t intentional but it sort of was.

I bring my lunch to work most days because I’m poor.  I make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for me and Billy at home, throw them in a paper bag with some cheez its and a banana and we’re good to go!  Saves like ten bucks a day, I recommend it highly.  The point being that I can eat my lunch anywhere.  But I had a hunch today that Alyssa and Meredith would be eating in one particular place, so I went there.  I bought a magazine as a ruse and walked into the cafeteria without looking around and they called me over to sit with them.  It felt like I was in high school again, hoping the cool kids would invite me to their table.

It was interesting to notice that after graduating college I didn’t really have any friends anymore.  Most of my friends moved to New York and the ones who are still here in Boston are busy and far away from me most of the time.  So I went from having piles of close friends around me twenty-four hours a day to having nobody but my boyfriend.  And suddenly nobody to eat lunch with.  Making friends all over again took a long time and was very sad.  But it looks like now my problems are almost over.  I have two office friends.  Two people to eat lunch with.  How nice.  We might go to the beach next Saturday.  Imagine that.


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