Well hello there.

I used to have a blog on xanga. I don’t update it anymore and frankly I find it a little embarrassing, but for the sake of posterity I’ve left it running. It was a pretty accurate chronicle of my life in college. Maybe someday I’ll really want to read it. In the meantime it’s sort of my bastard child that I don’t bring up in front of company.

Blogging makes me nervous. I hate the word blog. I thought it was a trend. Unfortunately it looks like it’s here to stay. Remember when SUV’s first came out? A long time ago there used to be cars, bigger cars, smaller cars, station wagons, vans, and trucks. Then sport utility vehicles came out and my dad thought the hip way to refer to them would be to call them “sport youtes.” Like that scene in My Cousin Vinny. “These two youtes.” Well, thankfully, that didn’t really catch on. But blog did. Yuck.

I will most likely write these while at work so it’s very likely that my assistant will read it over my shoulder, but damnit I will not censor myself!

This will probably end up being a blog about being 23, having a nice boyfriend, wishing my job was fulfilling, and trying to be an artist against all odds. Oh, and being really, really poor.


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